Ducktales - The Moon Video Game Song
Meaty Fridge - v2 Dance Song
Industrial Remains Trance Song
Kraftwerk-Neon Lights (Mucky) Techno Song

2011 Submissions

Controllers Trance Song
Antiquated Machinations Techno Song
Sulfur Dioxide Techno Song
Bra!nlord Techno Song
The Observatory Techno Song
Mucky - Smile (Binärpilot) Dance Song
Poll - Should I Finish This? Techno Song
Jetpacks and Dreams Video Game Loop
Cardboard Rock Techno Song
My Blackout Drunk Song Techno Song
Beat of the Brain Miscellaneous Song
Beat of the Brain (beta) Techno Song
Mr Crowley - Organ Intro Heavy Metal Song
Gradius 3 - Main Title Theme 2 Video Game Song
Halo - Strings Theme (short) Video Game Song
Halo - Unforgotten Video Game Song
Of Better Days Classical Song
TES III - Morrowind (Theme) Video Game Song
Sonic the Hedgehog-GreenHillZ Video Game Loop
-=vengeance=- Ambient Song
China M-o-C Video Game Loop
Moon Tech M-o-C Video Game Loop
Chrono Trigger - Cords of Time Video Game Song
Suburban Rock M-o-C Video Game Song
Game Over (M-o-C) Video Game Song
Monster_o_City Title Screen Video Game Song
Inspired by Bach Classical Song
Happy Loop (not final) Video Game Loop
Tablesaws Dance Song
Buzzstache Dance Song
Chrono Trigger - 600 AD Video Game Song
Chrono Trigger-Millineum Fair Video Game Song
q.u.a.r.a.n.t.i.n.e. Trance Song
Hope Through a Window Classical Song
coEFFICIENT Techno Song
A New Life (Questing) Video Game Loop
1000 A.D. (Chrono Trigger) Video Game Song
Neural Synapses Techno Song
The End of Time (Final Epoch) Techno Song
A Jumbled Heap Techno Song
Arpeggiating Moonlight. Techno Song
90BPM Techno Song
Popping Bubbles Techno Song
Sector Zeta Techno Song
The Unfinished Groove Techno Song
The Logical Steps Techno Song